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Top tips for taking your pet in your Camper

Posted On 05/08/2018
Here's a few of our top tips for you when taking your dog on holiday with you.

Don’t let the thought of leaving your dog at home deter you from taking a trip in your motorhome. If you’ve recently just purchased a Motorhome or Camper then congratulations, there is a few things however you need to know before setting of on your first journey with your dog. 

Get the dog a custom to the motorhome. Begin with bringing the dog into when the vehicles not moving, then begin to take short journeys building up your dogs familiarity with it’s surroundings. Dog’s can get anxious, and often travel sick so it can be uncomfortable for your pet. This is why you should reward them once finished your journey and they’ll begin to love it too. 

Just like cars and other vehicles, you should not leave your dog unattended. Especially in hot weather, keep your windows down slightly to ensure fresh air is circulating. 
Breaks. Regular toilet, food and walk breaks will be required throughout your journey so make sure you have your route well planned with stops included so you’ve got suitable facilities. 
Fitting your motor home with removable seat covers and carpets come in very handy for dog owners. If your dog sheds quite a bit or has dirty paws after a walk then it’s much easier to clean up after. Just take out the carpets and covers and it’s as good as new again. 

Hopefully these few tips will help you on your next journey with your Dog.