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Motorhome or Caravan… What should I buy?

Posted On 08/05/2018

After weighing up several options on both sides of the debate we’ve came up with some helpful advice for you to best find what you’re looking for.

The two biggest factors in the debate are going to be Convenience and Cost.

So with a Caravan you can park it up and leave it sitting for a while allowing you to roam free in your own car/jeep. This might allow you to go up narrower streets and visit places you may not reach in a motorhome.
Although this may not suit you as you will have to repeatedly go back to your campsite rather than simply heading straight off again.

Do you have enough space in your drive way for both a caravan and a car?
Setting up times are much quicker in a motorhome. With a caravan you will constantly have to hitch and unhitch it, parking, lowering the corner steadies etc. Rather than simply parking and pulling up the handbrake of your motorhome.

Generally the initial cost of purchasing a motorhome over a caravan can be more expensive. But do you have the right vehicle with enough power to tow it? 

You may have to purchase a new car or jeep along with a caravan rather than just the one vehicle. With having the one vehicle (depending of size of course) you have the option of using your motorhome for daily use.

Fuel costs can be expensive with a motorhome depending on the size of the vehicle. You can get anywhere from 25 - 30 mpg with large motorhomes and up to and over 40mpg with our smaller range of VW campers.

With a motorhome your Road tax is currently £255 if weighing under 3500kg and for motorhomes over 3500kg it is £165. Insurance can be found from just £255 per year, providing you have a second vehicle.

You may find a lot more other factors that can swing your decision and we have many more ourselves. Though we think we’ve covered quite a few here. 

Hope this was helpful in your decision whatever you choose.