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The Must Have Motorhome Accessories of 2018

Posted On 14/03/2018
When you’re looking to buy a new motorhome regardless whether it’s a Rapido, Rimor or Elddis they don’t always come fitted with all the accessories you desire. And if you’re going for a second hand motorhome chances are even slimmer. 

1.Solar Panels
No more need to worry about charging up that leisure battery! With a solar panel fitted to your roof it will continue to charge the leisure battery (as long as there’s some sunshine).

2.Bike Rack
This is a simple add on for most motorhomes. Whether you’re bringing the family or travelling solo bringing a bike along with you means you can leave the motorhome behind and explore the area going through forests or travelling down streets.

3.Roof Rack and Ladder
Yes this may not be the best looking addition to your motorhome but if you’re lacking a garage or storage space a roof rack might just be the best option for you. Attach a storage box, surf boards, or even canoes to get the most out of your roof rack.